OpenJ9 Lightning Talk Series

At the beginning of many of our Eclipse OpenJ9 community calls (book it in your calendar now!), we have started presenting lightning talks on various topics.

Lightning Talks:
Verbose JIT logs: Mark Stoodley – Apr 23, 2018
Intro to AOT & verbose AOT logs: Mark Stoodley – May 9, 2018

Metronome GC: Aleks Micic – May 16, 2018

Thanks to Mark for getting the ball rolling! I have already learned much, and am looking forward to seeing the upcoming talks, and seeing the schedule fill out.

If you’d like to add a topic to the lightning talk schedule, jump in the OpenJ9 Slack #planning channel and make requests. It is sooo motivating to hear and collaborate with everyone in the open!


      1. Hi Shelley, great start with this blog! Keep up the good work. I’m doing great. That there is no simple answer, I’m glad I asked, although I guess I should have checked the FAQ first ๐Ÿ™‚

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