OpenJ9 XL Heap

Are you looking to run a Java application with OpenJ9 that requires a large heap size (more than ~57GB)? OpenJ9 SDKs with noncompressed references are here!

OpenJ9 SDKs with noncompressed references are available at AdoptOpenJDK for Linux x64 . Although other platforms are not available to download as binaries just yet, you can easily create an OpenJ9 SDK with noncompressed references yourself for any of our platforms. This can be achieved by following the build instructions at the OpenJ9 website with one modification:

  • Add the option with-noncompressedrefs to the configuration stage.
bash ./configure --with-freemarker-jar=/root/freemarker.jar --with-noncompressedrefs
  • In order to run the tests, remove _cmprssptrs from the SPEC.
export SPEC=linux_x86-64

All other steps in the build instructions remain unchanged.

We are still discussing a long term strategy to have both compressed and noncompressed versions available in an OpenJ9 SDK. Stay tuned with issue #643.

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