Welcome OpenJ9 Release 0.10.0 featuring OpenJDK11!

Great news!  Eclipse OpenJ9 0.10.0 release ushers in OpenJDK11 with Eclipse OpenJ9, a Long-term support (LTS) Release in the new accelerated cadence of version releases.  The easiest way for you to try it out, is by downloading either:

The Eclipse OpenJ9 0.10.0 release notes give a general overview of features available in this release.  You can also check out more details in the 0.10.0 release plan.  To summarize, OpenJ9 Release 0.10.0 offers:

It would seem wrong not to reiterate… these go to 11 (shameless Spinal Tap reference).  Thanks and kudos to all of the folks who made this release happen in such a timely fashion!  Bravo!!


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