Recap of 2018 Lightning Talks

Given that we are still in January, its not too late for some well-earned retrospection.  Last year was a busy year for the OpenJ9 project, expanding platform coverage and delivering loads of new features through many releases.  During all of that great technical progress, the team still managed to find time for some technical sharing.  Many developers were honoured to talk about their work at different technical conferences and through our Eclipse OpenJ9 community hangouts, the team created this compelling set of short presentations on some key topics.

For convenience, we’ve edited these 6 lightning talks out of the longer OpenJ9 community calls.  Here is the impressively diverse and educational list of topics covered in 2018:

Verbose JIT logs (Mark Stoodley on 2018-04-18)

OpenJ9 with OpenWhisk (Parameswaran Selvam on 2018-05-02)

Shared Classes and AOT (Mark Stoodley on 2018-05-09)

Metronome GC (Aleks Micic on 2018-05-16)

JIT Compiler logs (Mark Stoodley on 2018-08-08)

Idle Tuning (Ashutosh Mehra on 2018-08-22)

Thanks so much to the developers who offered to strike us with their technical expertise through these lightning talks.  If you have an interest in a particular area, please do propose the topic in the #general Slack channel… we take requests!

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