Setting up an OpenJ9 Development Environment with Visual Studio Code + Docker + CMake

Setting up a proficient development environment on a large project such as OpenJ9 with so many pieces in play can be a daunting task. Often times, setting up such a development environment and being able to navigate the codebase with familiar tools and with the full power of an IDE is worth the effort in terms of productivity. This blog post will guide you through setting up a development environment with a one-click build trigger, full Intellisense support, and full debugging support using Visual Studio Code, Docker, DevContainers extensions, and CMake.

Inspecting OpenJ9 performance with perf on Linux – JIT Compiled Methods

In the first post of this series we learned how to profile modules within the JVM itself using perf. This is useful for diagnosing JVM related problems. However in typical applications the user application code (JCL included) will dominate the profile, so it is often desirable to want to profile the user application code as…