Copyforward&Mark Hybrid Collector

Background Xgcpolicy:balanced Open J9’s Balanced GC policy is a region based, incremental generational collector, unlike the default generational concurrent policy (gencon), which is probably best suited for the most traditional java application, Balanced GC is designed to be used on large heap to reduce maximum pause times. In Balanced GC The Java heap is divided…

Default Java Maximum Heap Size is changed for Java 8

Background The Maximum Java Heap Size (Xmx) is the maximum amount of memory that Java application can uses. A lower Xmx value will cause a decrease in performance due to JVM has to force frequent garbage collections in order to free up space, also if the Xmx value is lower than the amount of live…


In Eclipse OpenJ9 release Version 0.9.0, a new gcpolicy:nogc is supported for Java 8 and above. The new gcpolicy:nogc is implemented based on the requirement of JDK Enhancement Proposal 318: Epsilon: A No-Op Garbage Collector. It maintains a specific garbage collector that handles only memory allocation and heap expansion, but doesn’t actually reclaim any memory back….