Release 0.9.0 is now available!

Time for a little celebration, with all the hard-working and dedicated people that contributed to the OpenJ9 0.9.0 Release (source).   Binaries are now available for download at AdoptOpenJDK:

OpenJDK 8 with OpenJ9 0.9.0 Docker images are also available at Docker hub (tagged jdk8u181-b13_openj9-0.9.0).

You can check out the 0.9.0 release plan and 0.9.0 release notes for details, including performance enhancements, new platform support (Windows 64bit, Windows 32bit, AIX, xLinux Large Heap), Direct dump reader (DDR) support for better serviceability, signal handling support (such as for Ctrl-C), and other goodies (like the new ‘nogc’ policy).

Not only is it great to see all of the new features and improvements brought into the code base, but it is also rewarding to see the improvements and enhancements in our release process with this release (this being our 2nd one).  As we refine the story and really hone the delivery systems, it is easy to imagine our very agile and adaptive future unfold with our next release (0.10.0) and each subsequent release (summarized nicely on the OpenJ9 support page).

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